August 15, 2017

P4AC’s Veterans House & Soul Church

P4AC’s Veterans House & Soul Church

Members of P4AC Poker, Veterans House and Soul Church set up and prepare to distribute donations that P4AC Poker and it’s players and members raised during various events and tournaments.… If you would like to help others just by playing poker please visit Hello, my name is Terry and I am a Desert Storm and Desert Shield disabled veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force from 1989-1996. To help other veterans and their families, I have established a private charity called Veterans House. Veterans House is a three bedroom brick house situated on a 1 acre lot next to Lake Lavon in Lavon Shores. At Veterans House, we provide a variety of support for our struggling military veterans and their families based on their needs including assistance with medical and mental issues, affordable housing, food, clothing, assistance with pharmaceutical expenses, transportation, career training, job placement and much more. We not only help veterans but the civilian community as well. Where there’s a need, we want to help where we can. Veterans House’s current resident is Crystal who came to us in dire need after her medical issues and medical costs became too overwhelming that her and her three children were forced into homelessness. She needed a home for her and 2 of her children; a boy age 17 and a girl age 12, while she pursued a full time job. Since then, Crystal has done very well and has obtained two jobs and is well on her way to being able to complete the program. Veterans House has transportation available for residents to travel to and from work and for various needs. Recently, the clutch went out on this vehicle and is in need of immediate repair so Crystal can get to and from work, kids to and from school and to provide for her children. She desperately needs this car back in running order and we need your help! This vehicle will also be utilized by future veterans and families who seek assistance from Veterans House. Please help us achieve our goal to raise $750 to repair this vehicle which will allow us to continue to provide assistance for military veterans and families in need within our communities. Your help in this matter is so greatly appreciated and will help ensure that people receive the help they need.

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