Assist with the volunteer sign-in process.

Volunteers are needed by 6:15am for food prep, set-up men’s and women’s clothing distribution, help setting up chairs and tents, if needed, for the service.

A hot meal and fellowship after service is provided each week. Approximately 30 volunteers are needed to assist with the hot meals served after the service

Monitor and help the men and women find clothing in their size.

Volunteers are needed by 6:15am to greet and assist with serving hot coffee.

Volunteers are needed by 7:00am to assist with serving donuts.

After service chairs and tents are placed back on trailer.

SOUL is always in need of extra volunteers to help beautify the area. It is always our goal to leave the grounds looking better then when we arrived.

Pray about the men and women you will meet today. Ask God to direct you to who you should talk to and for His words for them. Be gracious, be happy, JESUS SQUEEZES are always good!

Throughout the week there is always a need for extra hands in the: • Food Ministry • Clothing Ministry • Admin Work