The Story

S.O.U.L. has been meeting the needs of the streets since 1995.

It began with the obedience of two men, Robert Shuemake and Leon Birdd. Robert, a stranger to Leon, was walking down the road and his step was unsteady. As Leon noticed the man, the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart and told Leon to pick the man up and give him a ride. At first Leon resisted the still small voice, but the voice got louder and Leon surrendered. He made friends with the stranger and Robert told him a story of love and compassion for those in need.

What we haven’t mentioned is that Robert had experienced five brain operations and that is why he stumbled. Robert invited Leon to join him the following Saturday at 5:30 am to visit the streets of Downtown Dallas. Pastor Leon hesitated, even said “no” but when Saturday morning came Leon thought he’d better pass by and make sure Mr. Shuemake wasn’t waiting. As he drove past Roberts house, there stood the faithful servant with five gallons of coffee waiting at the curb. The two loaded up and off to “Dunk-n Donuts” they went.

As they arrived downtown there were no people. So they waited. About the time Pastor Leon began to doubt, one by one the people of the streets started showing up. About fifty showed up that day and Leon decided this was for him. As time went on Robert’s health declined and one day Pastor Leon asked “Robert what happens when you can’t do this anymore”? Robert answered “you’ll do it”, Leon said “No, you really need to get someone else”. Robert looked at Pastor Leon and again said “you’ll do it” and the rest is history.

S.O.U.L. has gone from “coffee and donuts” to an early morning church service in a parking lot in Downtown Dallas as well as an OPEN AIR OUTREACH.

Mr.  Shuemake now rest in the arms of Christ but his heart is still with us. The people of the streets are our friends as well as  members of  S.O.U.L. Church and we truly love them. Please pray for us, revival in the streets, and for the lost to listen for the voice, and reconcile with to the one who created them. In Jesus Name. Amen!