What is Jesus Squeezes?

It started with a well-known childhood game called “slug bug” in reference to the Volkswagen Beetle’s nickname, the Bug. The Beetle was introduced to America in 1949, however, it wasn’t until the late 60’, when Disney made “The Love Bug” movie featuring Herbie the Volkswagen Bug with a mind of its own, that the Bug was destined to become an American icon in pop culture, and hence the fun begins. The game is simple and goes like this: The first person in the car to spot a VW gets to arm-punch everyone in reach, yelling “slug bug!” Sounds like great fun right?

Can you imagine Pastor Leon and his brothers playing “slug bug?” I can almost guarantee that at the end of any car ride there were many proud bruises to be displayed. When Pastor Leon gave his life to Jesus, he began to see life through a different set of eyes as most new believers do and he said “Lord, that game is violent!” The Lord spoke to him and said then change it up, look for crosses and then reach over to whoever is in the car and give them a little squeeze and say “Jesus Loves You.” With that Pastor could spot a cross a mile away. He made it a point to find the route with the most crosses to pass by giving him the opportunity to spread the love of Jesus!

From here you take the game out of the car and you introduce it to a parking lot full of beautiful people looking for hope and new direction and this is where it evolves into the “HOME OF JESUS SQUEEZES!”