Meet the Quiroz Family

Sunday, September 3, we were fortunate enough to have a youth group from Brandon Assembly of God, Brandon, Mississippi, at S.O.U.L. Church doing mission work. At the end of the day, two of the young girls ran to Bobby, our Worship Leader, and asked where's the nearest shelter and do you speak Spanish; his answer was no, but let's find someone who does. They found Jerry, a sweet man of God who is part of our homeless family. Jerry said that Matt, our bus driver, was getting ready to leave, so let's talk to him. As you read their story, you will see that our Heavenly Father is the excellent dot connector. It took two young girls from another state to connect with Bobby, who would connect with Jerry, who would connect with Matt. to create the first chapter of their story. Welcome to America Quiroz family!

Seven months ago, the Quiroz family fled Venezuela and headed for the United States. More than 7.3 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2014 due to high crime rates, civil unrest, kidnapping, and terrorism. After following protocols, living in immigration camps in Mexico, and waiting for Homeland Security to clear them, they were granted papers to live in the United States. Homeland Security put them on a bus, and within thirty-six hours of arriving in the U.S., they were dropped off in Dallas to start their new life. No money. No home. No place to go. They wandered the streets until they came upon S.O.U.L. Church on Sunday morning.

The Quiroz family does not speak English; however, people at S.O.U.L. used technology to translate, hear their story, and get to work on helping them find their footing. Matt, our S.O.U.L. bus driver, and April took on the task Sunday after church to find a place to stay and get them clothes and food. Wednesday, Matt took Rodnel to a job interview, where he got the job at $16/hr. As Deysi cried tears of joy, she said it was by the grace of God they "happened" upon S.O.U.L. Church on Sunday morning, holding firm in their faith, knowing that God led them to S.O.U.L.

Deysi, Rodnel & Rayber Quiroz
Rodnel ready for work
Metal Fabrication Shop
Rodnel and April shopping with Matt's card!
Matt after he saw the shopping cart
This man is a true servant of our Lord!

Rayber 6 years old - River 2 years old

God's children already share a common language!
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